The CDC relies heavily on volunteers to keep our programs running.  We have community volunteers and college volunteers that we appreciate tremendously.  Volunteers have many options for how to contribute to the CDC’s mission.  Most of our volunteers mentor and tutor in the After School program and the Teen Program. We also welcome individuals that enjoy sharing special talents with the students, from sports activities to crafting!

Being a mentor is a very rewarding experience!  Providing one on one attention to our students facilitates a relationship, which improves the student’s social skills, and a bond forms between the two.  Many students open up to our volunteers.  This helps the students destress, allows the mentor to advise the student, and provides a positive environment for the children, which is important for every child to have.

We are always welcoming volunteers!

If interested, please email us at contact@senecastreetcdc.org or (716) 939-3501