Snacks and Meals

Healthy Snacks

Everyday we serve the kids a healthy snack as they arrive. Our snacks are mostly purchased or donated from various organizations and volunteers from Western New York. We serve anything from fresh fruit, yogurt, string cheese, granola bars, popcorn to smoothies! 


Before students go home, they enjoy a hot meal prepared by local vendors and served by our staff and volunteers. Sometimes if a dish is unfamiliar, students are wary, but they are always challenged to at least try the dinner before asking for an alternative. We have served a number of delicious dinners from sushi to souvlaki! For many of our students, the dinner they eat with us at After-School is the last meal that they have until breakfast at school the next morning. This year dinner is prepared by Nine’s Food Service and include milk, fruit, veggies, protein and whole grains in every meal!