Seneca Street Church

The Seneca Street Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization housed inside the Seneca Street Church building. The SSCDC and the Seneca Street United Methodist Church collaborate often and have a strong partnership. The two entities work separately and in tandem to improve the lives of the individuals and families living in the Seneca Babcock community of South Buffalo.

A Message from
Seneca Street United Methodist Church:

Our goal is to reach out to individuals in our area with the love of God. We do this with Worship, programs, personal support, and direct help for the ”gaps” in what our neighbors can provide for themselves.

Our hope is to help people get stronger, connected in the  community and more hopeful and grateful to God for blessings offered and received. The resources for reaching out and for sustaining this church are from God and the hands of United Methodist from all over.


1pm: Breakfast with Pastor Dee: Chats, crafts, stories are shared
3:00pm: Dinner is served to 50-80 people with the help of many church volunteers
4:15pm: Worship for all
5:15pm: Bread & Goodies sharing

Additional services:

  • Food Shuttle
  • Personal Support Provided
  • Direct Help Gaps
  • Summer Vacation Bible School
  • Thanksgiving Dinners
  • Christmas Shoppe/Gifts

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are held on the first floor of the church in the dining room on Mondays.