Community Garden

The Seneca Street Community Garden is located just a few houses down from the CDC! Each year the children plant and grow vegetables through After-School and Summer @ Seneca Street programming. Not only does the garden bring beauty to the area, but shows the children where food comes from and encourages them to try new foods.  Community members take care of their own plots and grow vegetables of their choosing. During summer programming members from Seneca Gospel Mission partner with us to offer the children B.U.G, Building Urban Gardner’s.

What makes the Seneca Street Garden so special is that there are no costs involved. There is no fee for reserving a plot, seedlings and soil are provided, and we have knowledgeable Master Gardeners and help from Grassroots Gardens WNY for seedlings and guidance on maintaining a successful garden.

With the help of Grassroots Gardens and Independent Health, we were able to rebuild all 13 raised garden beds, replacing the cinder blocks with cedar boards. The are also includes a Memorial Garden, and the Children’s Garden.

Garden members met regularly to discuss the progress of the garden, create a watering schedule, and plan for the garden’s future growth!